Welcome to Strive Salon

We offer a range of inventive hairdressing services in our hair salon, from basic cuts to dynamic designs we have professional stylists ready to bring creativity and style to your hair. In addition to the professional services we offer, we’re proud of the training we’re bringing to our young community.

Professional styling and hair treatment

All haircuts are styled by professionals and are often observed by our ambitious students. Curling and other hair other treatments will be carried out by our students but will be supervised and guided by trained professionals.

Affordable prices

Our prices are extremely competitive, and you can take comfort knowing that all our profits are going directly to help and support our young students.

About Strive Salon

Who Are We?

We are a social enterprise, providing both young and disadvantaged people with jobs and learning opportunities in a in a safe, vibrant and mutually supportive environment.

What We Do

We offer a range of hair and beauty services. Our aim is to create a workspace that is professional, relaxed, and also welcoming, and where clients can be pampered until their heart’s content. Our experienced and qualified team are able to fashion hairstyles for both men and women, while our beauty treatments are equal to any found on the high street.

Why We Do It

We believe everyone has something to offer, and that given the chance people who are marginalised from mainstream society will overcome the barriers they face in regards to employment, education, training, or in living a rich and fulfilling life.   

What We Learn

Each day we see the amazing skills and talents disadvantaged people have to offer, and how, with a positive support network, they can make a valuable contribution to their community.

What Next?

We aim to grow our brand by increasing the number of services and treatments we can offer clients looking for an alternative to the high street. Also, generating our own income will allow us to create more opportunities to further the aspirations of the most vulnerable people in society.   


Wash and blow dry (straight hair)

Wash and blow dry (curly hair)

Pin curls – an additional £1 to required service.


Wash, cut and blow dry

Conditioning treatments – an additional £2 to required service.

All treatments for OAPs are £4.

Please note: the services provided are carried out by students, and service times are subject to the capabilities of our students. Thank you. 

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Interested in making an appointment at our salon? Or maybe you’re interested in the flexible programmes of coaching and mentoring for young people aged 14-16 that we offer? Book today! Use the contact form to get in touch.

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Employability Solutions are a Social Enterprise working across Liverpool and West Yorkshire, providing a full time Alternative Education Provision for young people aged 14 to 19 yrs. We were established in 2012, and in that time have empowered over 400 young people to take responsibility for their own development and unleash their potential. Many of our students have gone on to apprenticeships, employment and university.

We provide education programmes individually developed to meet the needs of each and every student we care for. We do this by offering accredited training, personal guidance, support and access to a wider curriculum of enrichment activities. In the last year, and in partnership with other local entrepreneurs we have successfully launched vibrant, sustainable enterprise hubs managed by our students for the benefit of our community.

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